How to make your own World Cup single
Surprise, surprise, Steve McClaren will succeed Sven as England manager
England's squad announced: Sven turns into risk-taker, picking Walcott and Lennon!
News Balls
World Cup Songs
Bizarre Own Goal!
How to make football beautiful again?
Nostradamus tips Spain to win the World Cup
Sky advert: Goalkeeper saves dog
The offside rule, explained for girls
Matthaus tips England to knock out Germany
10 great players who missed out on World Cup selection
World Cup refs announced
We're Singing For Deutschland (Deutsch-er-land)
World Cup Mobizines: football fever on your mobile phone
10 percent of men would sell an internal organ to get a World Cup ticket. Just 10 percent?
British man escapes death at hands of Muslim fanatics – because he's a Portsmouth fan
10 signs that America will pay attention to the World Cup
10 signs that America will pay attention to the World Cup
In Another Life
GROUP C: The verdict
Who says Sven has no sense of direction…
Before Beckham, Roberto Carlos et al...
Beckham gets the runaround from Scooby Doo
32 days to go…
Football voodoo doll. Absolute genius
Coming Soon, the Robot World Cup
Johnny Rep: I dived
World Cup Video: David Beckham throwing up against Ecuador
Armed gunmen demand Champions League final tickets
Penalty Shoot Out!
Team Guide: ENGLAND
10 Ugliest World Cup Footballers
Big Gene Scolari will be next England manager. Your heard it here first (possibly)
Evildinho, the final instalment. Sniff
Graham Poll shows 3 yellow cards to Croatia's Josip Simunic
News Balls
God bless America: The mad, mad world of Mr FIFA
Ronaldinho - football's equivalent of a hotel on Mayfair
Beeb offers High-def World Cup
Horror Hair: Jason Lee
Make a baby, get World Cup tickets. What could be simpler?
Now That's What I Call an alternative World Cup song: 'Mid-Table' by Fractured
Horror Hair: Bruno Metsu
World Cup refs announced
Home nations get behind England. Really?
Horror Hair: Claudio Canigga
Stuck in the middle with Roo
Horror Hair: David Beckham's Braids
In another life…
Chelski net Shevchenko?
Horror Hair: Marco Etcheverry
Horror Hair: Peter Shilton
News Balls: drifting through Easter Monday like a black-and-white tumbleweed
News Balls: more bounce to the ounce
News Balls: the tasty snack you can eat between meals
Wembley: The Farce is With You
Horror hair: Bobby Charlton
Horror Hair: Henrik Larsson
One to watch: Lukas Podolski, German
y Owen in Boots
News Balls
Horror hair: Christian Ziege's mohawk
Rooney's injured. F**k
Shhh! Shearer for England again?
Steve McClaren needs moisturiser
Revealed: Wayne Rooney's new nickname…
Rooney needs a 'miracle'
The man from Brazil, he say NO!
Horror Hair: Paul 'Der Afro' Breitner
The Sun's Who do you think you are kidding Jurgen Klinsmann? Brit jury says nil points
Tom Cruise is buddies with Beckham. Yuck
Horror Hair: Rene Higuita
Goldenball: not as gold as we'd been led to believe
A Long 'Fro-verdue Comeback?
Team USA coach to be cunningly disguised as 'just another coach'
Horror Hair: Roberto Baggio
Wilkommen / Welcome to our German friends
Italy to be excluded from Euro 2008?
The Offside Rule for Girls, Part 2
Will Golden Balls get to play with the golden ball?
Horror Hair: Sven Goran Eriksson
World Cup Song Contest, Round 1
10 German players you love to hate
Horror Hair: Taribo West
WARNING: Phil Neville on World Cup standby
10 sexiest World Cup footballers' wives. Who said life was fair?
Horror Hair T-Shirt!
Angry Kid & The Flaming Choppers
World Cup slogans
10 World Cup bets that could make you rich
Horror Hair: Iordan Letchkov
Ze Roberto: Brazil are masters of the universe etc.
Barcelona get a shirt sponsor at last. Well, not quite
Argones resignation turned down
All 32 squads announced. Here are the full details…
Kids today. Tut
Friendly Watch! Oh, you don't care?
In another life…
Hartson to be recalled for Wales
5 Conclusions: Ecuador v Germany
Aragones refuses to apologise to Thierry Henry for calling him a 'black shit'. Spanish coach is friends with a chicken sexer though
Businesses to be fined £1,000 for watching the World Cup online without a TV licence - stick to the Bratwurst live blogs!
BIG NEWS BALL! Wayne Rooney's scan date moved forward one week to 7 June
In another life…
News Balls
Darren Bent takes place of Andrew Johnson in England squad
Capello interested in England job
In another life…
In another life... Philip Cocu, Holland
Live Blogs
Betting Guides
Gerd Muller's record equalled by Ronaldo
Preview: England v Ecuador
Horror Hair: Pat Jennings
Rio Ferdinand 'kidnaps' David Beckham. Hilarious
Horror Hair: Peter Beardsley
SuperRoo Returns!
Horror Hair: Romania
Horror Hair: Tony Daley
Horror Hair: Trifon Ivanov
Horror Hair: Umit Davala
Cruciate ligament damage = Michael Owen's World Cup is over
News Balls
Horror Hair: Andreas Brehme
Italy World Cup squad is 'homogeneous'
No Kahn do
Lazy assistants ruin referees' World Cup dreams
Big Sam vs Big Phil vs the FA
Metatarsal Watch! Wayne Rooney making 'perfect recovery'. WTF?
Michael Ballack and Oliver Kahn have vibrators removed
Mystic Sven: 'We Will the World Cup'… Everyone else: 'That's torn it'
News Balls
Juninho Pernambucano and the best freekicks in the universe
News Balls: Butcher condemns Gerrard's dive
News Balls: Carlos Alberto tips England, World Cup babes and other Germany 06 nuggets
News Balls: Michael Owen's dodgy thigh and other stories
News Balls: Robbie Williams wins 'World Cup funnies' poll
News Balls: still we wait on Rooney's metatarsal
News Balls: Thierry Henry stays at Arsenal and other baking-hot football-shaped pies
Oi, Roberto, pass the Pringles: Steven Gerrard in 'crap acting' shock
Peter Crouch does the robot after scoring against Hungary
Petition: delay the World Cup until Wayne Rooney's metatarsal has healed
Probably the best taxi driver in the world
Relegation for Juventus, Lazio and Fiorentina
Ricky Gervais' good luck message to England featuring Crouch and Rooney
Rooney can be replaced
Steve McClaren told Sven not to pick Theo Walcott - maybe Macca's not rubbish after all?
Rooney's scan: and still we wait…
Rooney's World Cup dreams shattered?
Selected pubs to screen World Cup matches in Sky HDTV
Sloping football pitch
10 Funny Football Stadium Names
Sublime soccer skills video
Allardyce speaks up in support of Ben Haim after exclusion
Cheeky Juventus appeal against match-fixing relegation... again!
Gabbidon doubt
Horror Hair: Darren Peacock
The Hooligan League
Horror Hair: The Wes Brown / Rio Ferdinand braid timeshare
Italian Match Fixing: Reggina and Arezzo both docked points
The science of penalty kicks. Sven, are you paying attention at the back?
Togo players will be axed if they talk to journalists from South Korea
Trust No One
USA announces squad
News balls - filled with news bally goodness
Wayne Rooney on a bike. It's madness, I tell you!
News Balls - they're meatylicious
Team USA's New York Times photo shoot: what were they thinking?
Roberto Carlos staying with Real Madrid
World Cup songs: Maximus Dan's Fighter is official Trinidad and Tobago song
Write for Bratwurst and also be the UK's first mobile blogger and we'll give you £500 to do it.
Yahoo + FIFA = FREE World Cup highlights on the web
The Merdeka Tournament hots up in Malaysia
10 best-named shops in Ghana
Toshack warns Koumas over future
Horror Hair: Leonardo Cuellar
10 World Cup superstar substitutes
Angola, Holland, Mexico, Japan squads announced
Annoying players XI: the squad takes shape
FIFA to pay out for players injured on international duty?
In another life... Joachim Low
Australia do Argentina a favour with a little game of kick the Dutchman
Buddhist monks: 'World Cup makes us real sleepy'
Big In Japan
Steve Staunton gets one match ban
Video of Boris Johnson's rugby tackle in England vs Germany Legends match
Kit Parade
Eva Longoria 'loves watching England play'
BREAKING NEWS: Rooney not fit to play in England's World Cup group games. Tits
Announcements and Suff
Classic World Cup Moments: Gazza's tears, 1990
In another life...
News Balls Online
Classic World Cup Moments: Archie Gemmill's solo goal against Holland, 1978
News Balls: Wayne Rooney making progress
Club Football
Classic World Cup Moments: Dennis Bergkamp's last-gasp winner against Argentina in 1998
In another life... these players wouldn't be so awful
Cole to the left of me, Owen to the right, here I am stuck in hospital with a metatarsal injury
Horror Hair: Ian Wallace
Manchester Airport launches swastika amnesty
Players To Watch
Fantasy Football
Horror Hair: Jan Polak, Czech Republic
Colombia goalkeeper Luis Martinez scores against Poland with goal kick. It's a funny old game etc etc.
England's squad: the Bratwurst 23
Post From America
Horror Hair: Loco, Angola
Group D
Horror Hair: Luis Valencia, Ecuador
Group F
News Balls
In another life... Franck Ribery would be an evil James Bond villain
News Balls Special: 48 Hours to go!
In another life: Franz Beckenbauer
Nerds create program to predict World Cup matches, with 83% accuracy
News Balls
Who Are Ya
Group H
In another life: Zinha and Gerardo Terrado
Chrissy Waddle - Genius
In another life…
In another life... Clint Dempsey
News Balls: Just one frickin' day to go already!
In another life… Zeljko Kalac
EXCLUSIVE! Bruce Arena has stolen Tommy Hilfiger's hair
Gary Neville and England doctor do their best to put more pressure on England
In another life... the England team to face Portugal
Pele Prediction Watch
Let the crazy tabloid antics commence…
Top 10’s
Venue Guides
Jens Lehmann writes off England
Ludovic Giuly the new Steve Irwin?
Classic World Cup Moments: Rivaldo's acting masterclass
Preview: Germany v Sweden
Preview: Italy v Australia
Preview: Spain v France
Rooney scan result positive: he will play for England in the World Cup!
Rooney/Owen to start up-front against Sweden
Simple Minds to headline World Cup launch party in Berlin
Michael Owen has a bit of a dig at Peter Crouch
The risky life of the football channel hopper
Van Persie: Robben is a selfish c**t
Horror Hair: Roy of the Rovers
Watch all the World Cup goals
Watching the World Cup on ESPN
Wayne Rooney is passed fit for Trinidad & Tobago!
Wayne Rooney vs Metatarsal: Rooney winning on points
World Cup 'Annoying Shits' XI
Video Interviews
Mystic Mourinho tips Holland & Germany
Pub Debate
World Exclusive: An Interview with Wayne Rooney's Foot
Kit Parade: Saudi Arabia
Sponsors Gross
Iran says no to metrosexual footballers
Aussie ref to get angry for next World Cup
Beckham resigns – so who should be the next England captain?
Classic World Cup Moments: Italy v Germany, 1982 Final
Jamie Carragher to play as a holding midfielder against Hungary
Did Materazzi call Zidane a terrorist or not? Either way, Gallas wants to smash the Italian's face in.
Dunga announced as the new Brazil coach
FIFA world rankings given a much needed shake-up
Hiddink 'does a Sven' over injured Tim Cahill
Michael Owen and Wayne Rooney, live together in perfect harmony, side by side on my piano keyboard, Oh Lord etc etc
Horror Hair: John Dempsey
Horror Hair - Ralph Coates
Horror Hair - Uwe Rosler
In another life... Raymond Domenech
In another life... Ze Roberto
10 Funny Football Club Names
Irish travel firm cashes in on the Zidane headbutt
Italian match-fixing trial should 'take victory into account'
Lampard: 'England needed Jermain Defoe'
Mystic Materazzi
News Balls
News Balls
News Balls - 100 per cent roundness or your money back
News Balls
News Balls
News Balls
News Balls
News Balls
News Balls - less than one per cent fat
News Balls - best served chilled
News Balls - does exactly what it says on the tin
News Balls - don't knock them until you've tried them
News Balls - Made in Taiwan
News Balls - may contain traces of news
News Balls - now available in spearmint flavour
News Balls - now with extra bounce
News Balls - smooth on the outside, crunchy on the inside
Nike Joga Bonito spoof video, part 1
Otto Pfister stays on in Togo!
Referee moans about Rooney's moaning
Group C
Horror Hair - Abel Xavier
Rivaldo to retire at end of season
Scotland reach semi-final of Under-19 championships
Semi-final preview: Germany v Italy
Team guides
News Balls: BBC secures World Cup broadband rights – you can watch all of the Beeb's matches online
Oliver Kahn's Munich motorway madness!
Paul Robinson: Don't blame it on the good times, don't blame it on the sunshine, blame it on the pitches
The Bratwurst Pickle
The Adventures of Cristiano Ronaldo
The international football management merry-go-round
The international football management merry-go-round: The new managers
The post-headbutt Zidane irony backlash starts here!
World Cup Final preview: Italy v France
Zidane banned for three games - he must be devastated!
Zidane: 'I'm sorry, but I don't regret it'
Zidane wins the Golden Ball. Why?
10 Conclusions: England v Greece
Steve McClaren for England
Shiny News
AC Milan get Real go-ahead to bid for Ronaldo
Bus driver Steve McClaren is taking us on an adventure
COSAFA Castle Cup semi-final: Botswana v Zambia
David Beckham signs a new contract at Real Madrid... not just for marketing reasons
Group G
Horror Hair: Dusan Basta, Crvena Zvezda
Horror Hair: Niklas Bendtner
Horror Hair: Ray Houghton
Horror Hair: Antal Roth
The Official Guide to the Unofficial Football World Championships - a world where Uruguay are world champions and Scotland are the best team ever!
Horror Hair: Romaric
News Balls
Where is the USA's World Cup song?
Jens Lehmannn to retire in 2008
John Barnes still linked with Jamaica job
Jonathan Woodgate praises his fitness record!!!
Jonathan Woodgate's Madrid time machine - where 90 minutes feels like a year
Lebanon pull out of Asian Cup
Champions League Draw: Chelsea in the same group as Barcelona
Mark van Bommel beanie hat
News Balls - effective relief for a lack of news balls
News Balls: Owen Hargreaves to speak out about his wish to leave Bayern Munich for Manchester United
News Balls - the balls even goalkeepers love
News Balls - the little snippets that tell you what's happening and stuff
Horror Hair: Barry Venison
News Balls - they wobble, but they don't fall down
News Balls - they're tastier than ever!
Physios From Hell Part IV: More haste, less speed
World Cup Mobizine
Nike under fire for 'offensive' Rooney ad
Virtual World Cup
Ronaldinho could leave Barcelona after row with Frank Rijkaard
Rooney slammed by Alan Ball
Special News Balls - will they stay or will the go?
Steve Staunton held up at gun point
Tennis star Andy Murray urged to do the Crouch
The Bratwurst pickle: What effect does juju have on football?
The Official Guide to the Unofficial Football World Championships - a world where Uruguay are world champions and Scotland are the best team ever!
They Call Him The Wanderer: Franck Ribery to leave Marseille
Titus Bramble restores the clever-dumb balance by crashing his car into a wall
Horror Hair: Bobby Mihailov
Uruguay still the champions of the world after beating Egypt
World Cup Funnies
News Balls
Owen Hargreaves to star against Jamaica. Oh no, I meant start
David Albelda: 'Spain fail because there is no unity'
World Cup Gadgets
Paraguay captain Carlos Gamarra predicts England will be knocked out in the group stages
Paul Robinson's pet pooch lost by dog-sitters
Word Cup Gear
Eto'o out for 5 months
11 reasons why Americans don't watch the World Cup
IFA make Materazzi and Zizou plea
In another life: Carlos Tevez
Pick your Great Britain Olympic football squad
Join the Who Ate All The Bratwurst Fantasy Champions League tournament
Juventus' David Trezeguet and Mauro Camoranesi: Stop the transfer window we want to get off!
Juventus held by Rimini on Serie B debut
Old posh runner takes job in football
Overweight Adriano ate all the Bratwurst, claims Mihajlovic
In another life...
Ronaldinho to start against Wales tomorrow
Sven Goran Eriksson is worried people think he is incompetent
White said Fred: Fredi Kanoute gets a plain shirt because he believes Sevilla's sponsors are 'the work of Satan'
England News Balls: Gerrard fit for Paraguay
England's 6ft 7in beanpole robot Peter Crouch tries his hand at gangsta rapping
Paraguay's Fifa official makes 'booty call' to Swedish photographer
Ruud van Nistelrooy and Mark van Bommel reject Holland call-ups
Like Bratwurst? Then have a chomp on our Pies…
Like Bratwurst? Then have a chomp on our Pies…
Former Italy and Juve star hurt in fall
Hair: Djibril Cisse
Romario heading Stateside?
Guide to the German male
He's coming home, he's coming, Poll is coming home
Bratwurst Announcements
Horror Hair: Adekanmi Olufade, Togo
Bratwurst at the World Cup
Horror Hair: Christian Wilhelmsson's Rat Tail
Classic World Cup Moments
Horror Hair: Fabricio Coloccini, Argentina
In another life... Deco
Horror Hair: Fernando Torres
Horror Hair: George Berry
Horror Hair: Gazza
Horror Hair: Gerry Francis
Horror Hair: Gianluca Vialli, Italy
Pekerman names Argentina starting team v Ivory Coast. Saviola and Heinze start but no Messi or Tevez
World Cup Telly
Meet The Pundits
Group A
Horror Hair: Kevin Beattie
Group B
News Balls
News Balls
Portugal's Ricardo and Caneira kissing in the goal
News Balls: 100% roundness guaranteed
Preview: Argentina v Mexico
Preview: Brazil v Ghana
Horror Hair: Kasey Keller (The Passage Of Time)
Did Germany's Torsten Frings deserve to get a two-match ban for this?
5 Conclusions: England v Portugal
10 Funny Football Club Names
Want to know your Brazil name?
10 Dodgy British footballing exports
10 Players to replace Grandad Gary Neville
Team Guide: USA
Ronalgirlinho. She's got mad skills
10 Conclusions: Sweden v England
10 very hot Brazilian babes. Nothing to do with the World Cup, we admit
Probably the best World Cup blog in the world
Fantasy Football Update: Matchday 2
Peter Crouch hails the best goal of his Liverpool career
Derry City fans rejoice against PSG
Darren Bent takes place of Andrew Johnson in England squad
Who Are Ya: Levski Sofia
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Announcements and Stuff
Pick your Great Britain Olympic football squad
Classic World Cup Moments: Nelinho scores from an impossible angle against Italy in 1978
Club Football
Classic World Cup Moments
Bratwurst at the World Cup
Fantasy Football
Bratwurst Announcements
Group D
Group C
Group B
Group F
Group H
Group G
Group E
Group A
EU look to ban Iran from the World Cup
Bizarre Adidas Advert
Kit Parade
In Another Life
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Pub Debale
Post From America
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Goleo Figurine from Royal Selangor
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World Cup Telly
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World Cup Mobizine
Peter Crouch spoof photos: surfer, rock star, synchronised swimmer and more!
Fans to spend £60m on World Cup trips - £3.5 million on beer!
Inzaghi: Not on my Xmas card list
10 greatest World Cup villains