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Picture_1_244You may have noticed a distinct lack of new posts on Who Ate All the Bratwurst recently. Well, Bratwurst has reached its natural conclusion – we only meant it to be a World Cup '06 blog but it was so successful that we carried on with it – so now if you want the skinny on international and European football, plus Premiership action of course, you should bookmark Who Ate All the Pies, Bratwurst's sister site.

Huge thanks to all Bratwurst readers for their support over the past few months. You've been great and we hope that you continue to follow us as we make the transition to Pies. Vielen dank und aufwidersehen!

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World Cup Record Breakers

Record_1Well, if Roy Castle were alive, he would have been tooting his trumpet all over this summer's World Cup. Why? Something to do with quite a few records being broken. The duller than an I.T. convention, Switzerland, are the first team in the World Cup to be eliminated after conceding exactly nil goals. Of course, we know that Ronaldo is the top goalscorer ever in World Cup history, but Adriano was the man who bagged the World Cup's 200th goal. The 100th? Pele with his header in the 1970 final. Of course, England (probably) have the record of being the only team in World Cup history to get a 'bye' into the quarter finals...

Mof Gimmers

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Bratwurst's new sponsor - 3 Mobile

Service_images_berlinbustt Well it is a big Bratwurst welcome to our brand new sponsor - the mobile phone network 3 - who are squatting on our pages for the duration the world Cup. If you are a 3 subscriber already you’ll know that they have some pretty amazing footy fare at the moment including highlights of World Cup games direct to 3 mobile phones for free delivered just after the final whistle.

We are also rather taken with Berlin Or Bust, which is a kind of video/TV version of Bratwurst. It features The Guardian’s Sam Delaney, along with a host of groovy guests, delivering the latest World Cup news and gossip in a really cool way. In fact we have already been pinching half the features on the show and repacking them for Bratwurst. The only downside is that it only available to 3 subscribers so the rest of us will have to peer over the shoulder of our 3 mobile phone owning mates or get an new mobi.

3 also has loads of music downloads including many of the World Cup songs we cheerfully sing along to most mornings in the Bratwurst office.

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