White said Fred: Fredi Kanoute gets a plain shirt because he believes Sevilla's sponsors are 'the work of Satan'

Sevilla striker Fredi Kanoute will be allowed to play in a shirt without a sponsors' logo because he is unhappy at promoting gambling. The Mali international (pictured here with masking tape over the offending item) refused to wear the logo of online gambling firm 888.com because betting is against his Muslim faith.

The 29-year-old said: "According to the Koran, drinking alcohol, gambling, worshipping idols and lotteries are the Devil's tools. That is why I have told the club that I must have a pure shirt. I believe they understand my position and why I have to do this. They have agreed to what I have asked and will let me wear a shirt without this logo."

888.com might have felt obliged to object having just signed a £3 million-a-year deal to sponsor the club, but probably realised people like me would be writing about it and generating extra publicity. Excellent decision!

[Rob Parker]