FIFA to pay out for players injured on international duty?

Fifa may be ready to give some leway on one of the thorniest financial issues in football in the form of compensation for clubs whose stars are on international team duty. Fifa is currently in dispute with the G14 group of clubs over who should pay to insure players on national duty, and pay their wages should the stars then be injured.

Fifa rules say players must be released for international football without entitlement to financial compensation. However, in a very surprising move, Fifa says it is now "ready to reform the regulation" in light of the lawsuit from Belgian club Charleroi over an injury suffered on international duty by Morocco's Abdelmajid Oulmers. Charleroi are being backed by the G14 teams.

Charleroi say the loss of Oulmers damaged their hopes of success, and they also had to pay his wages while he was out of action. In May, the case was moved from a tribunal in Charleroi to the European Court of Justice, where it is waiting to be heard.

Heinz Taennler, the director of Fifa's legal division in Zurich says Fifa is now prepared to look at establishing an insurance fund and compensation fund for international players. Mr Taennler stated that sometimes after international duty the clubs had "a player, an employee, not available for a short time, or sometimes a long time, but still has be paid. Fifa wants to take the clubs into consideration. In order to take the clubs into consideration Fifa will probably reform the regulation at some time in the future. We are working on the possibility of an insurance fund, and compensation fund. This will take time as Fifa is a political organisation."

[Mof Gimmers]