Rooney slammed by Alan Ball

World Cup winner and owner of the squeakiest voice in football, Alan Ball isn't praising Wayne Rooney very highly (*groan* sorry). Rooney has apparently threatened to pull out of all commercial duties for the England side after the FA failed to turn over his 3-game ban.

Ball said "I'm disappointed in his agent and by Rooney for taking on the FA. How much power do players want? He should accept his punishment, grow up and become a great player."

Rooney and Manchester United team-mate Paul Scholes were sent off in a pre-season friendly against Porto and handed suspensions.

"I was sent off nine times and deserved it," Ball told "But I finished off a miles better player by taking my punishment. He has to accept that you have to grow up to become a top football player - and he will do if he takes his punishment on the chin... But he won't if he thinks that he can come out and make statements to the FA."

Rooney was said to be so "devastated" after the appeal loss that he sanctioned Stretford's letter to FA chief executive Brian Barwick late last week. Rooney is now reportedly waiting for an official response before deciding his next move. Spoiled brat anyone?

Mof Gimmers