John Barnes still linked with Jamaica job

The Jamaican Football Federation (JFF) are getting closer to appointing a new manager, one of which is former Liverpool star and terrible Five presenter, John Barnes.

Barnes has been strongly linked with the position, but the JJF are playing it all coy with regards to Johnny Barnes. "We have a shortlist of five names and we're getting near to a decision," said JFF president Crenston Boxhill (great name!) "We've said from day one that, for example, John Barnes is on that list but the other names I don't want to make public." Of course, this, should he get it, won't be Barnes' first role coaching a side as he had a brief spell with Celtic in 2000. Can he make the Reggae Boyz Isotonic? And will his team talks begin with "You've got to hold and give but do it at the right time, you can be slow or fast but you must get to the line... "? I bet that one hasn't been done before...

Mof Gimmers