Lampard: 'England needed Jermain Defoe'

If you were still wondering why England had under-performed at the World Cup, you can stop analysing the situation now. Frank Lampard has revealed that it was actually because they didn't have enough strikers in the squad. Phew! That's a weight off my mind, Frank.

Lampard: 'England needed Jermain Defoe' continued

Lampard has also criticised Sven Goran Eriksson for giving the squad days off and said that was the cause his lack of sharpness at the tournament. I know players take a lot of stick when they step out of line, but personally I would rather they had voiced their opinions before the tournament if they knew Eriksson was not the man for the job.

The players would not have even had to go public with their concerns. They could have gone to the FA who had plenty of chances to get rid of Sven without mutiny even being mentioned. It is too late now for the players to start staying what Sven did wrong.