10 Funny Football Club Names

Allow Bratwurst to trawl the globe on your behalf in search of some of the funniest and most unusual club names in existence.

1 Deportivo Wanka (Peru)
Club officials were baffled by an influx of orders from British fans earlier this year!

2 Club Deportivo Moron (Argentina)
Nicknamed The Rooster, but who needs a nickname when you have a name like that?

3 Botswana Meat Commission (Botswana)
Ah, company names; a great source of funny names. BMC is one of the best.

4 Dinamo Bender (Moldova)
Beavis and Butthead-style snigger.

5 Arsenal (England)
We take their comedy value for granted, but if any other country in the world had a club called Arsenal and then appointed Arsene Wenger as manager we would find it very amusing.

6 Ball Dogs (Grenada)
Quite literally the dogs.

7 King Faisal Babes (Ghana)
Not sure if King Faisal is a Dinamo Bender fan.

8 Mighty Blackpool (Sierra Leone)
The irony won't be lost on the Bloomfield Road faithful.

9 Dandy Town Hornets (Bermuda)
They play in the Cingular Wireless Premier League (much better than the old leagues with wires).

10 Ebusua Dwarfs (Ghana)
Sounds a good enough name, except when you consider they were once called Mysterious Dwarfs.