Paraguay's Fifa official makes 'booty call' to Swedish photographer

A Swedish photographer following Paraguay's World Cup squad has revealed that she was called in the middle of the night by a Fifa official trying to get her to meet one of the players. Emelie Asplund was sent by Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter to cover Paraguay's warm-up match against Denmark last Saturday. After the match she was asleep in her hotel room when the phone rang. It was 1am…

The caller was Manuel Hoffman, Fifa's liaison officer for Paraguay, who had interpreted some interviews earlier that day. 'He said that a player [as yet unidentified] from the team wanted to meet me right away, in the middle of the night - so he could get to know me better,' said Asplund. Classy guy!

Not tempted (wonder why?), Asplund went back to sleep. But the next day her colleague, reporter Maria Nordström, challenged Hoffman. 'When I asked him what he was playing at he apologised. He said it was hard to refuse when someone asks and a whole group of guys are standing around him,' said Nordström.

Tssk. Footballers, eh!

[via The Local]