Gerd Muller's record equalled by Ronaldo

Gerd Muller must be seething. Der Bomber's World Cup goal tally has finally been equalled. Ronaldo's brace against the plucky Japan side took the Brazillian up to 14 career goals in the World Cup. Muller's last World Cup goal was the winner in the 1974 World Cup final (not a bad note to leave on eh?).

The question still remains however; Now that Ronaldo will be facing better opposition, will he be able to break Muller's record in what could be his last World Cup?

Mof Gimmers

It's easy to question Ronaldo, as this is the second wobbler we've seen from him. The patch he's in now at least sees him bagging goals, but still looking a little jaded and forlorn. The previous wobble was the spectacularly poor form of the '98 World Cup final. However, it is easy to forget that Ronaldo is simply one of the finest players ever to emerge from Brazil. A half fit Ronaldo is still better than a fully fit Paul Dickov. Mind you, a half thawed corpse is better than Dickov, but you get my point.

Muller played in a time when the game was a lot tougher, and defenders were without the mercy of modern ones. Muller always kept his head in high pressure games, most notably the 3-2 victory over England in 1970, and of course, the '74 final against neighbours Holland. This is something that Ronaldo has seemingly lacked. One thing in Ronaldo's favour is his all round game. He's quicker than the West German, and can score from anywhere when fully fit and match sharpened. So...

Who is the better striker? And will Gerd's 32 year old record be toppled this summer?

Mof Gimmers