10 Ugliest World Cup Footballers

Not all professional footballers are blessed with the photogenic looks of David Beckham, Thierry Henry or… um, half the Italian squad. So, for your entertainment, here are 10 World Cup players who make Ian Dowie look like a Greek God…

10 Ugliest World Cup Footballers cont…

1 Ronaldinho, Brazil
Buck teeth, bug eyes, dodgy hair… say no more.

2 Carlos Tevez, Argentina
Would cast him as Igor in the next Frankenstein movie.

3 Peter Crouch, England
No words needed…

4 Carles Puyol, Spain
Oh dear. Tries to cover as much of his ugly mug with bad hair, but doesn't work.

5 Grzegorz Rasiak, Poland
Not a pretty sight.

6 Fabricio Coloccini, Argentina

The hair maketh the man.

7 Jan Koller, Czech Republic
If Tevez could play Igor, maybe big Jan could be Frankenstein's Monster?

8 Ruud van Nistelrooy, Holland

9 Maniche, Portugal

Oh dear.

10 Wayne Rooney, England

Bless him. He may be an ugly footballer, but he's our ugly footballer!