Team USA's New York Times photo shoot: what were they thinking?

Part of soccer's problem in the US is that it's not judged to be as 'manly' as NFL or NHL. So why the 2002 squad did a metrosexual photo shoot for the New York Times will forever be a mystery.

This shot of LandonĀ  Donovan suggestively (?) drinking from a water fountain is pretty bad, but at least he has the excuse of being a creative type. Those brave enough to click continue will see Pablo Mastroeni in a pose that severely undermines his reputation as a midfield hardman.

The caption in the New York Times reads: "Pablo Mastroeni plays defense but not in his Roberto Cavalli turquoise-studded shirt, $1,138, and linen pants, $350."

For a slideshow of the USA's 2002 squad in a variety of undignified poses, click here.

Daryl Grove