Trust No One

Someone at The Times Online deserves a P45. The guy on the left is USA's Eddie Johnson, a 22 year old striker who looks to be hitting form at just the right time.

Now you know what he looks like, click here to see what The Times Online think he looks like, in their World Cup squad profiles page.

Further reading reveals more errors. They describe 6'4" defender Oguchi Onyewu as "elegant," which I can assure you he isn't, and I definitely wouldn't call him that to his face. Clint Dempsey won't be pleased to learn that "his main role is to break up the play rather than to be the creative spark," as he's never done a decent days defensive work in his life (he's all about getting forward), while proper defensive midfielder Ben Olsen will be surprised to hear that "he is capable of playing on either flank for his country."

Makes you wonder how trust-worthy some of these World Cup squad profiles really are, and how many of them were done by the lad on work experience.

Daryl Grove