10 sexiest World Cup footballers' wives. Who said life was fair?

So, ladies, what first attracted you to the buck-toothed millionaire Ronaldo? It seem that plenty of women find successful footballers rather attractive. Some of these women are quite pretty…

*We've not suddenly turned into FHM, by the way - in the interests of equality, if any female (or indeed male) Bratwurst reader would like to contribute a 10 hottest footballers list, we'd be more than happy to post it, so please get in touch.

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10 sexiest footballers' wives cont…

1 Helena Svedin
Luis Figo's lovely other half. Not ugly in any way.
Priest: 'Luis, do you take this woman to be your lawful, wedded wife?'
Figo: 'Does a bear shit in the woods?'
Priest: 'I'll take that as a yes…'

2 Magdalene Hedman
Why should unglamourous goalkeepers miss out on all the action? Sweden and Celtic stopper Magnus Hedman showed a commendably safe pair of hands in catching – and then marrying – top Swedish model/pop singer Magdalena Graaf. Magdalena's sister Hannah is rather eye-catching too. Nothing in this game for two in a bed, though.

3 Sylvie van der Vaart
The wife of Dutch star Rafael van der Vaart clearly wasn't put off by his slightly amusing surname. A German newspaper's poll last year voted Sylvie the 'most charming woman' of all Bundesliga players' partners. Can't disagree with that. She looks charming as hell.

4 Giselle Santa Cruz
The missus of Paraguay & Bayern Munich star striker Roque Santa Cruz. In the words of Stevie Wonder, isn't she lovely? Roque certainly seems ectastically happy to be at her side. And just look at the size of that goblet! Goblet is massive!

5 Janelle Khouri
Whilst most English people seem happy to slag off Owen Hargreaves, remember this: he's a professional footballer playing for one of the biggest clubs in the world and he's going out with a woman so pretty that most of us would crawl for several miles over broken glass just to get the chance to talk to her. Who's laughing now, eh?

6 Radka Kocurova
Czech Republic/Borussia Dortmund playmaker Tomas Rosicky is going out with model Radka Kocurova. Lucky him. I couldn't find out much more about Radka on the internet – and, believe me, I tried… several times.

7 Linda Evangelista
Slapheaded mime artist/goalkeeper Fabien Barthez somehow convinced supermodel Linda Evangelista to go out with him while he was at Old Trafford. ('Look into my eyes, not around the eyes…' etc.) I think they split up a few years ago though. Poor Fabien.

8 Milene Domingues
Ronaldo's ex-wife is a female world-record holder at keepy-ups (more than 55,000 in 9 hours, according to Wikipedia). She also plays professional football, making her a cut above your average footballers' wife.

9 Maria Mazzo

Large-chinned Italian playmaker Francesco Totti's ex-squeeze is a vision of gorgeousness.

10 Colleen Rooney

Only joking. Ah, bless her – she is kind of sweet, in a schoolgirly way. Oops, have to go, the police are knocking my door down…