World Cup Song Contest, Round 1

Looks like the competition for most successful England World Cup song is more fierce than the World Cup itself. New songs seem to be appearing almost daily, so it's the perfect time to post a round-up the current heavyweight contenders…

Embrace: World At Your Feet
The official England World Cup song. Officially rubbish. Well, a bit harsh, but it's no World In Motion. Listen to it on Embrace's website.
Verdict: Was a huge favourite to get to number one, but bookies soon changed their mind once they actually heard it. Should chart in Top 5 easily though, given that you only need to sell about 17 records to get into the charts these days.

Bez: One Dream
The maraca-shaking ex-Happy Monday/Celeb Big Brother-winnner will emerge from Shaun Ryder's ever-growing shadow on 29 May, when he releases his own World Cup song, One Dream. NME got hold of a line of the lyrics: 'One ball, one team/Three lions, one dream'. Pop stardust, I'm sure you'll agree.
Verdict: Bez was never the musical one in Happy Mondays (neither were the others, for that matter), so I'm predicting One Dream will be a bit rubbish. I hope I'm proved wrong, 'cause Bez is a likeable fella.

Joe Fagin: That's England Alright
Who Ate All The Bratwurst? is proud to be the official blog of mighty Joe's song, so I'm bound to be a wee bit biased. That said, objectively this is head and shoulders above Embrace's dreary effort. Subjectively, this is the greatest World Cup song since World In Motion. You can watch the video here.
Verdict: 'Yeah, we'll play the game, until it's Auf Wiedersehen…' Lyrical genius that puts Bez to shame. This truly is the song of the people. Uplifting, witty and very, very English.

And a couple of other songs worth a honourable mention:

The Reclaimers: Onwards the Few
Alan Brazil, no less, has thrown his support behind this song, by Manchester-based band The Reclaimers. It's apparently based on the Battle of Britain and has already been played on Sky and is starting to gain some support. Probably won't trouble the charts though.

Jim Noir: Eanie Meany
Not strictly a World Cup song, but this has been chosen by adidas to accompany its World Cup ad campaign, so you'll be hearing a lot of it in the coming weeks. Click on Jim's name above to go to his website and hear a snippet.