The Sun's Who do you think you are kidding Jurgen Klinsmann? Brit jury says nil points

As you all know, there are currently about four squillion World Cup songs. Likely to be one of the biggest, unfortunately, is Who Do You Think You Are Kidding Jurgen Klinsmann? by a group called the Tonedef All-Stars. Click here to listen in.

Yep this ‘hilarious’ take on the Dad’s Army theme tune has the backing of The Sun and now Chris Evans, who premiered it on his Radio Two show last night. Not that we have anything against the writers or The Sun. But it starts with a siren, has truly awful lyrics and for gawd’s sake the war was 60 years ago – can we get over it now please?

So we at Who Ate All The Bratwurst? would like to apologise to our German readers on behalf of all sane British footy fans who won’t want anything do with such jingoistic nonsense. And as for Geoff Hurst, who sings the chorus, lets hope that this little indiscretion doesn’t escape the notice of the German tourist board, for whom he fronts a UK advertising campaign.