Big Sam vs Big Phil vs the FA

Even though it's widely thought that Big Phil Scolari is a dead cert for the job, Big Sam is not giving up: 'As far as I am concerned, all those who have been interviewed for a second time should all feel as though they are still in with a shout. We all want a final, definitive decision to be made but, as the FA have said, the process is still progressing. They are still finding out the way they want to go and who they want to select.'

Do I sense an Oliver Reed vs Alan Bates, Women In Love-style naked wrestle to settle the matter?

The FA have said all along that they would take as much time as necessary to get the right man. Many observers now believe that the situation needs to be brought to a 'swift conclusion', especially 'given the mass of rumours which have filled the void left by the absence of genuine fact' [Football 365]

Allardyce is quick to agree with the sentiment, although he does expect to hear the final verdict from Brian Barwick himself, rather than by picking up a tabloid.

'One way or the other, you would hope to be told by the FA,' Sam said. 'You would not want to find out you either had, or had not, got the job by picking up the papers.… I have no reaction to what has been reported because there has been no official statement. Until I get that official call from Brian Barwick or whoever, I am not at liberty to comment.'

He also added that 'I don't want to get into trouble with the FA, so for a change, I'm keeping my mouth shut on this one!'

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