Wembley: The Farce is With You

The beleaguered FA will meet Multiplex, the firm contracted to build Wembley, tomorrow to discuss the prospect of further delays to the new stadium. Surprise surprise…

Having failed spectacularly to be ready in time for this year's FA Cup Final, it now looks like next season's Community Shield, which takes place in August '06, may also be a bridge too far for Multiplex. So here's an idea: bung an arch on the Millennium Dome, lay a pitch and some seats, and bingo!

Honestly, this is all too depressing to even think about. We have Franz Beckenbauer coming over and proclaiming that the new Wembley will be the greatest sporting venue in the world, but secretly he is probably laughing into his bierstein at the whole sorry mess. In Germany, they put up Munich's fantastic Allianz Arena (pictured) in no time and for a fraction of the cost of Wembley. Perhaps it's time for Sybil Fawlty to call in Mr Stubbs to fix Mr O'Reilly's mess.