Pele Prediction Watch

I once sat next to Pele on a flight from Geneva to London. He slept for the entire journey and then boredly signed autographs for excited businessmen in the aisle as we waited to disembark. Anyway, I digress – let's get on with Pele Prediction Watch, a fun game for all the family. Before each major tournament, journalists from every competing nation scrabble for a tip from the great man, and he usually comes up with stuff that make you think he's never played the game. Let's look at some of the evidence:

• Tipped Columbia to win in 1994  (they didn't make it past the group stage)
• Said an African nation would win a World Cup by the end of the 20th century (they haven't)
• Proclaimed Nicky Butt to be the best player at the 2002 tournament (no comment)

So far, Pele's tipped Brazil to win the thing, with England and Italy as its main challengers. Who ate all the Bratwurst? will keep close tabs on him, to see who he tips next. Watch this space.

*The value of Pele's predictions can go up and down. Mainly down, though.

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